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14.10. ATG, MAINZ (with Snakebite)

18.11. Zilini, BERLIN (with )

16.12. Don't Panic, ESSEN (with Loveshocks)

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Various Reviews about the LP Lipstick Love Affair (2015)

Pure kick-ass rock n' roll – Sassy Society [LP]
"...But fear not, it's not yet time to pack away your cowboy boots, dig out your leather pants and bandana’s as the cream of Hamburg Sassy Society, are keeping the Sunset vibe going with their brand new full length album ‘Lipstick Love Affair’, as Mark LeBosh, Robin Stardust, Aaron Cobra, John Joe and Alex Lizzy, bring Glam Rock kicking and screaming out to darkness and once more back into the light... this is modern sleazy rock at it's very best."

Sassy Soceity - 2015 - Lipstick Love Affair
"...And actually there is a lot of influences from early Guns´n´ Roses in the sound, not that they sound just like them but I would really say that the music sounds more like Guns´n ´Roses then they have done themselves the last 15 years. …It is rougher and dirtier and with a great amount more of attitude. And Sassy Society has been able to capture it all in their songs and in the way they play. To be quite honest this is one of the most interesting Sleaze Metal albums I have heard in a very long time. This debut gives really high hope of a bright future of Sassy Society and of the Sleaze Metal genre.

Sassy Society “Lipstick Love Affair”
"[…] …“Lipstick Love Affair”, definitely the best song on the album ; at least the one you’ll sing after listening to the record."