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14.10. ATG, MAINZ (mit Snakebite)

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Best From... Sassy Society – Sassy Society [EP]
Sassy Society is one of the newest German bands and one of the few from “Deutsch” sleaze scene. Here is their Facebook fan page. Not so long ago, they released great debut eponymous EP.
I could not wait till I receive a parcel with CDs after I saw their debut video for “Infectious Love” song and happily, I was not disappointed with the rest of the songs as all of them were at this same high level. You should know that the whole EP is filled with 100% pure rebel rock climate. What I liked the most is very melodic and “smooth” vocal which is perfectly fitted into musical background and not to forget to mention very creative video based on zombie theme, ;)
I was thinking for days, which 80s band is closest to their music and I did not find the answer. In fact, it is another reason why you should get their EP – at least because of their originality and very harmonious songs. Almost every time I did any review, I was choosing a track which I liked most and this time the choice fell on “Raincheck On Heartache“. Definitely, it is the calmest and balanced song and it really relaxes me, :)
Additional praise for very interesting intro in “Yes I Do” song, you have to check it, ;)

Review by: Maciej 'Metody' - EGHTS! Glam metal is not dead!

Sassy Society – Sassy Society (EP)
Sassy Society founded in Hamburg, Germany sometime in 2012. They don’t have a record deal yet, they don’t have a full length album, they don’t even have a decent web site to promote themselves. What they do have though, apart from this self released EP is an appetite for some good ol’ rock n roll. Their way they rock is the way we like it the most, glam-y and sleazy. They take the best out of the gurus that hear to the names of Guns n’ Roses and Motley Crue and with the ability to write good songs they present this 6 track ep that is filled with melodies, nice guitars and good rhythm to shake your booty with. Don’t miss them!

From the Reeperbahn to the Sunset Strip: the Deutsch sleaze rockers pack all the right moves... without actually moving so much.
There's verity in this young quintet's premise that most of the glam metallers have traded their edge for a bloat and their crown is up for grabs. Whether the band's six-cut EP, recorded in their first six months of existence, will change the scene is another matter altogether. For all their sharpness, and it's the backbone of tracks such as "Heat N Hell", the SOCIETY fail to produce a highly memorable tune to flesh out their catchy blues. Their choruses struggle to embrace the stadium vastness, yet the promise is undeniable, and if the group shook of the falsetto-sprinkled glitter for more prosaic dust, the formula, so generic in "Drug Store", could be winning and radio appeal would turn irresistible. "Infectious Love" and the second part of "Raincheck On Heartache" come close to that mark - close enough for debut. For the album, though, the ante must be upped.

Sassy Society “S/T” EP
SASSY SOCIETY is a new band from Hamburg, Germany (great city by the way!) They introduce themselves with these 6 hard rawkin’ songs that could be described as a mix of classic heavy rock and 80s US sleaze rock (the singer is sure influenced by Axl Rose!)
“There’s No Right Way To Die” also shows some melodic hard rock (bands like GOTTHARD) influences and “Drug Store” leans more towards the 70s rock side. We can also find some obvious GUNS N’ ROSES traces in “Infectious Love” for instance as well as in most guitar solos. We have a bunch of solid players here and these guys could share some stages with French band AESTHESIA, but overall the songs need more hooks and identity to really stand out from all the 80s revival bands around these days. Their next release will tell!/Laurent C.

Rock n' roll back to the masses!
Out of Hamburg they come, bringing good time kick ass rock n' roll back to the masses. They are Sassy Society and they're unleashing their new EP 'There's No Right Way To Die' on an unsuspecting rock loving public.
The band of Mark LeBosh, Robin “Ivory Stardust’, Aaron ‘Jacky Cobra”, Peter “Spicy Spike’ and John “Mr. Six Toe Joe’ have a sound as outrageous as their names. Mixing all the vim and vigour of today’s hard rock with the sassiness of the Sunset Strip.
That sassiness is felt from the off with the opener ‘There’s No Right Way To Die’, a gritty slice of sleaze driven rock. That same attitude driven style is carried on into ‘Heat n' Hell’, again old school sleaze driven by a modern hard rock vibe.
There’s more than a touch of Guns n' Roses about ‘Yes I Do’. The band definitely wear their influences on their sleeves with this one, then it's time to really rip the listener a new one with the raucous rocker ‘Drug Store’, a real dirty rock n' roll anthem.
But for me the track of the album is the bluesy ridden rocker ‘Infectious Love’, that is very much a track for the now, while still appealing to the old guard of die-hard old school rockers out there. Things come to a close with ‘Raincheck On Heartache’, where the band show their gentle melodic side with this semi-ballad. This song really closes off what is a great showcase for the band and shows they have the tunes to go further if given the right breaks. What more can I say except they're young, they're fun and they're well worth checking out.

1. There's No Right Way To Die
2. Heat N' Hell
3. Yes I Do
4. Drug Store
5. Infectious Love
6. Raincheck On Heartache

Review by: Barry McMinn - The Mayfair Mall Zine

Sassy Society Debut "Infectious Love" Video
Hamburg, Germany's Sassy Society have just released their first music video "Infectious Love". Directed by Tim Haneberg, the video contains glam zombies, sex and good old sleazy rock'n'roll. The track appears on the band's self-titled six song debut EP, which can be purchased directly from the band at Founded in 2012, it only took Sassy Society -- consisting of Mark LeBosch (of Blind Sheep), Robin 'Ivory Stardust' (of The Pushups), Aaron 'Jacky Cobra' (of Gun Wild), Alex 'Migg Lizzy' (of Gun Wild) and John 'Mr. Six Toe Joe' (of Uncut and Hardbone) -- half a year to record an EP and get on stage, and there will be much more to expect in the future. Those of you who love the combined power of sleaze and glam rock with a giant load of kick-ass rock'n'roll can't go wrong with Sassy Society.