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27. Sept. A SASSY NATION hits pre-sales ...more

28. Jul. Our second album A SASSY NATION ...more

29. May Thank You, Hamburg, Berlin, Essen ...more

15. Jan. 9 Heads, 18 Legs, 18 Arms ...more

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14.10. ATG, MAINZ (with Snakebite)

18.11. Zilini, BERLIN (with )

16.12. Don't Panic, ESSEN (with Loveshocks)

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Sassy News

27. Sept. A SASSY NATION hits pre-sales
The time has come, A Sassy Nation hits pre-sales today, officially hits the stores on Fri 29 Sep
and can then be heard throughout the land.

There will also be a magical music-video.

Thanks to our Ritchy and our label K-Klangträger

Stay Sassy, Society!
#asassynation #angieiscoming

28. July. Our second album A SASSY NATION
Something is coming in the state of Sassy...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We've kept you waiting for quite a while, but now the time has finally come:


Our second album A SASSY NATION will officially see the light of day
on September 29th.

And if you don't want to wait that long, you can get it at this
year's Glam 'n' Sleazefest

Stay Sassy and get ready for A Sassy Nation!


Band (Foto)

29. Mai. Was für ein Wochenende. Vielen Dank
COME ON! LET'S GO! (Raise your glass and drag your sassy ass to the

Uff. Erstmal verschnaufen

ALRIGHT! GET DOWN! (the fabulous society is coming to town)...

Was für ein Wochenende. Vielen Dank an die Jungs von Snakebite für
die gemeinsame Reise die Straße nach nirgendwo runter.

GET UP! GET IN! (lose your mind and find us in the garden of sin)...

Vielen Dank an die Bar 227 in Hamburg für einen heißen Toureinstand,
das Musik Café Zilini für die Möglichkeit, spontan nochmal Boogie Billys
Hut zu füllen und seinen Deckel damit zu begleichen, und an die Freak SHOW
Essen für einen unglaublichen Abend auf einer Bühne mit Biss
(und natürlich an Jutta Viergutz für das Foto von der bissigen Bühne).
Außerdem vielen Dank an den gelben Engel vom ADAC, ohne den wir
gerade wahrscheinlich immer noch die A1 entlanglaufen würden.


Stay Sassy

#sassybite #sassybye

Band (Foto)

10. Mai. 9 Köpfe, 18 Beine, 18 Arme...
Frage: Was hat 9 Köpfe, 18 Beine, 18 Arme, 4 Gitarren, 2 Schlagzeuge,
2 Bässe, mindestens 4 Stimmbänder und Bock auf 4 Tage Rock 'N' Roll quer
durch Deutschland (Hamburg, Berlin, Essen)?

Antwort: Keine Ahnung. Guck doch selber nach. Heute in 2 Wochen in der
Bar 227.

Stay Sassy

Band (Foto)

Der Tag ist gekommen. Ivory hat die Gitarre abgelegt, Mark hat aufgehört
das arme Mikrofon anzuschreien und die Tür zu unserem geliebten
K-Klangstudio Hamburg ist zu.


Vielen Dank für eure Aufmerksamkeit
Zeit fürs Bett

Stay Sassy

Band (Foto)

17. Jul. Bye Bye Langeln!
Bye Langeln Open Air. It was a pleasure!

Band (Foto)

Band (Foto)

06. Jul. „Chase ‘em down the road, Race ‘em down the road…”
sometimes life works in mysterious ways and sometimes one wiggles out of
the mutual passion. Jacky made up his mind to get off the sassy train.
We would like to thank him for his dedicated sassy time and wish him
good luck for his future endeavors.

Stay sassy old friend.

We hereby acknowledge that all confirmed gigs will take place as scheduled.

27. Jun. You couldn't ask for a better start to this weekend.
MC Scharmbeck 30 Year Party
It's much easier to survive the week when you're looking forward to Friday.
And as it happens this Friday you can look forward to a party at
the MC SCHARMBECK. Come on over! You couldn't ask for a better
start to this weekend. Lots of Sassy surprises for you :-)


Band (Foto)

20. Jun. Finally, another open air. We're psyched!
Langeln Open Air

Band (Foto)

11. May. Aaaaand the Pushups reunion on 15/10 is already sold out.
the Pushups Reunion on 15/10 is already sold out. Wow, if that ain’t good news.

But that’s not all: We’re getting word that if you want to see a us this
month you can come to the Rock Cafe - St. Pauli (basically our second
living room) where we’re going to support the lovely Spiders.
Ain’t that something?

Stay Sassy

10. Apr. It's official! Having done it again and again
It's official!

Having done it again and again, we're just not getting any wiser...
so we're doing it again: Hamburg's very own very best Glam 'N' Sleazefest
This time featuring: The MeatMachines, Dirty Lips, Scarred Kizzy
and of course ourselves.

Stay Sassy and stay tuned for more (And save the date)

20. Mar. Tour 2016 All sassy times must come to an end.

9 days, 8 shows and 9 lunatics lusting for Rock 'N' Roll.

With smeared eyeliner and a lipstick laden kiss we send our pals from
Snakebite back on the road (to nowhere?).

Stay Sassy, brothers!


Band (Foto)

8. Feb. Germany Club-Tour!!!
One more month until we're traveling the land with our pals from Snakebite.
We're shivering with antici...pation and so that you can shiver with
antici...pation too, we have put together a little trailer.

Dates are as follows:
11. Mar. Münster in Rare Guitar
12. Mar. Mainz in Alexander the Great
13. Mar. Giessen in AK44
14. Mar. Essen in Panic Room
16. Mar. Hannover in Rocker
17. Mar. Berlin in Zillini
18. Mar. Rostock in Bunker
19. Mar. Hamburg in Marias Ballroom

enjoy and stay sassy

15. Jan. Sleaze Attack Vol.1
Good news.

We've made it onto "Sleaze Attack Vol. 1" along with 12 other great bands.
The CD is 5€.
And it all goes to charity.

Check it out:SLEAZE ATTACK Vol.1

stay sassy!

12. Jan. Tour 2016
Ahoy, Big Sassy News: We're going on a colourful trip through Germany along
with our pals from Snakebite. Don't worry, we're taking our instruments.
So check if there's any date in your vicinity and tell all your friends.

See ya
Band (Foto)

11. Dec. New Video!
Thank you all for supporting us through the good times and the bad.
Thank you for taking this rocky road with us. Let's take a moment
to appreciate howfar we've come and let's chase 'em down the road.

Ladies and Gentlemen: „Down The Road“


If you liked this song, remember that it's almost
Christmas and your loved ones would probably love a copy of
„Lipstick Love Affair“ (available on iTunes, amazon or just through
a quick message to us via facebook or to

Stay Sassy

24. Jul. Glamnation Vol.6 features a song of ours!
In case you haven't seen this yet:

The brand new Glamnation actually features a song of ours ("Don't Mess
With The Boys") and can be bought right here:GLAMNATION VOL.6
stay sassy!

01. May. Lipstick Love Affair +++Official Music Video+++!
Alright, fellas.
Here it is. The day you have been waiting for.

We would like to thank Krazy Koko (aka Corrina von Roggerson) for
recording, sighting and editing the „Lipstick Love Affair“-Video. For that
favour we are going to drown her in Jack Daniel's (because that is the only
way to wash away the psychological damage that this amount of Sassy
Society can cause).

And now

Without further ado

We present you

Lipstick Love Affair

Stay Sassy


If you liked this song, remember that it's almost
Christmas and your loved ones would probably love a copy of
„Lipstick Love Affair“ (available on iTunes, amazon or just through
a quick message to us via facebook or to

Stay Sassy

04. Mar. BIG news eveybody!!
Hey Folks,
We have incredible news for you. On the 4th of March 2015 we finally
signed our first Record Deal with K-Klangträger Records. CDs will be
distributed through Cargo Records Germany and finetunes the
publishing rights are at Freibank Music Publishing.

Band (Foto)

You know what this means, right?

The eagerly awaited Sassy Society debut "Lipstick Love Affair" is
about to hit the shelves in a few months. We are thrilled with
excitement. Thank you all for your support and patience.

Stay tuned for more news and stay sassy
PS: Apart from that we're also heavily booking gigs at the moment.
So there's somethig to look forward to. News to follow.

Sassy Sassy

30. Oct. Our Sassy Studio Session!
Hey y'all
We know you're dying with anticipation for our new album (so are we) and to ease
the waiting here's a little something from our Sassy Studio Session.

Stay Sassy (just a little bit longer)


3. Sept. Sassy Society TV debut at TIDE
Today at 22:00 there'll be some songs we recorded live for Tv.
click on the link and open the player.
stay sassy!

2. Sept. A Sassy Time was had by all:

Band (Foto)

Thank you to all who were part of this fucking great concert.
The Glam'n'Sleazefest rocked heavily..
If you need more Sassy Society, then watch TIDE Tv
on wednesday at 22:00. There is a 14-minute live-set!
Stay sassy!

4. Jul. A Sassy foto-shoot and Sassy-LIVE- Experience:
Hey there, did you miss us?
Don't worry. We have finished working on our album (with a sassy foto-shoot) and
now we are ready to hit this world's stages again.

Band (Foto)

Check out the following dates for the Sassy Live Experience:
30.8. Hamburg - Rock Cafe - Glam 'n' Sleazefest

5.9. TBD - (Mecklenburg Vorpommern)
6.9. Leipzig - 4rooms - Hollywood Rodeo Festival

2.10. TBA
3.10. TBA
4.10. TBA

10.10. Magdeburg - HOT Alte Bude - with Smoke 'n' Mirrors
11.10. TBD

24.10. Hamburg - Barrock - with Nightlaser

28.11. TBD (near Hannover)
29.11. Trier - Ex-Haus - Youth Gone Wild Festival

If you have any idea how to fill in the TBD gaps or if you HAVE to see Sassy
Society play a gig in your home town just hit us up. Spread the word and share:
Society must be Sassy

Stay Sassy

4. Jun. We're gonna rock the Glam 'n' Sleazefest:
Glam 'n' Sleazefest VOL. II - The Rock Cafe - St. Pauli - Hamburg

Hey You Guys... here it is, after hiding in the studio we are
finally back on stage! For the second time we're gonna rock
the Glam 'n' Sleazefest St.Pauli, so save the date!
Click Here
Stay Sassy

Band (Foto)

20. Mai. It is done!!!
We have laid down all the tracks for our long
awaited debut-album and we are REALLY looking forward to
sharing these songs with you.
Stay sassy

26. Apr. Non-stop recording-studio action!
Alright fellas, in 13 days of more or less non-stop recording-studio action
we have laid down some solid groundwork, pretty fucking solid that is.
We ourselves are pretty fucking hyped from the sound that
Ritchy from the K- Klangstudios has magically endowed us
with and there's still some mixing and mastering to do.
As usual now comes the tough part, but behind the scenes we're
working eagerly to give our debut the release it deserves.
We keep you posted!
PS: Apart from that we're also heavily booking gigs at the moment.
So there's somethig to look forward to. News to follow.
Stay Sassy

11. Feb. ...Hard work .... hard work
Only weeks until we enter the studio to fix the LP recording.
We just started to write another song BUT....
and we're proud of it....
so good news, mates.... we are on the way!
Stay sassy, we'll keep you informed

9. Dec. ATTENTION EVERYBODY: This Saturday ...
This Saturday (14. Dec. 2013) we will play our last show in Hamburg before we
disappear into the studio to work on our debut album, which should
be out around June '14. That means this is your last chance to
get a fix of sassiness for at least half a year. So come on down to
The Rock Cafe - St. Pauli on Saturday to have an awesome time with
us and the Dirty Lips.

PS: There will be a HUGE surprise for those who will show up
(and no, we're not talking about unveiling our genitals)

6. Nov. Last concert in Hamburg this year, don't miss it!
Alright, Sassy people gather round. Sassy Society will return to
The Rock Cafe - St. Pauli on December 14th to rock the stage with
the Dirty Lips. Looking forward to an early Rock 'N Roll Christmas
this year. So get your make-up in place (all over your face) and
get your ass to The Rock Cafe for some booze and some HoHoHos!!!
stay sassy!

21. Oct. What an awesome festival!!!
It was "Party Time, Excellent" as Wayne and Garth would put it.
Here is something to help you remember that epic night:
Us performing the classic "Ballroom Blitz" by "The Sweet"


and here the Promotion Tour - Behind The Scenes Video!
Exclusive behind the scenes footage of Sassy Society and
Dancette Pleasure promoting the first Glam 'n' Sleazefest in Hamburg.
enjoy and stay sassy

Sassy Society - "Yes I Do" (s. t. EP)
The Pleasures - "Some like it Rock" (Oh Yeah Revolution)

22. Aug. Glam 'n' Sleazefest Promotion Tour 2013!!!
Sassy Society and The Pleasures promoting the Glam 'n' Sleazefest
"Blues Brothers-Style"
enjoy and stay sassy